Epic weather event outback South Australia

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I have been watching the weather reports for the last few days and could see that there may be some crazy stuff coming through my way. Yesterday being Tuesday 23rd I could see some storm action forming.

As I looked out of the window at around lunchtime I could see storm cells and decided to pack the car up with cameras and few supplies and head out up the Oodnadatta Track for my favourite spot Lake Eyre.  As I was driving past Callana Station there is already some great shots to be had and I stop a few times to grab photos. The clouds are getting crazier by the hour as I near my destination. As I head in off the beaten track I hit a large rock and puncture my brand new tyre only fitted the day before. Even worse I did not realise I had a puncture and wrecked the tyre completely by the time I realised it was flat. 

It was getting late and the sun was setting so I had to get the spare on quickly as I could see it was going to rain and I would have no hope of jacking the car up in the mud and no solid platform to work with so I got it on and made it just on sunset to Lake Eyre where I was planning on staying for the night. As the wind dropped away completely on dusk it was eery watching the clouds transform the area and the lightning start to flash in the distance. There were pockets of weather all around the area and i only hoped that one of them was going to move in my direction close enough to give me some great lightning over the almost dry Lake Eyre.

I watched and waited and started shooting immediately and although the storms were quite far away initially I managed to capture a few shots that I was pleased with. I stood out in the water for a couple of hours coming out twice for food and to change lenses. At about 10pm I was watching a front coming from the North and could see it was moving my way and about an hour later it arrived just building slowly with intesity of lightning and then it was all over me and it was just incedible to witness. In every direction there was lightning and once the thunder started I knew it was time to go back to the car as the rain was coming. I sat in the car and watched as it poured with rain and flashing in every direction until there was a lull and I got out and started shooting again until the fronts moved away. 

I was worried about staying the night as if it rained anymore I would not be able to get out of this location so I decided to drive out immediately back to the highway and stay there for the night, It was a slow trip out and I almost got bogged. I thought I was a gonner a few times but I made it back to the highway where I stayed in the back of the car sleeping in the back seat until morning. Luckily there was no more rain and although still very slippery in a few spots I was able to drive back to Marree without to much bother although it was a slow muddy trip. 

Wow what a night it was with some amazing light and crazy weather which I love, that lightning was a bonus, but it is so rare out here to see these events happen I always try and make the most of them and this was no exeption. 

To see more shots of this event please visit my facebook page. A couple of the best images will be on my website for purchase also in the Lake Eyre Gallery.

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