Marree outback South Australia workshop March 2015

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With another Marree workshop behind me, this one with 4 ladies Rosalie, Karen, Steph and Barb that have already previously been here before. It was a special workshop second time round with a night out on Lake Eyre, some revision work and alot of new techniques included. I have a couple of new locations for people to shoot also which was of course on the list for these ladies.

The first afternoon out on private property on a local station we were shooting some amazing sand formations around sunset and as it was getting darker we noticed a red glow in our images which was getting brighter and brighter as it was getting darker. I realised what it was about the same time as Rosalie and we could not believe our luck. I quickly got us all set up to shoot it with a decent composition and foreground and we sat there for an extra hour getting our shots before walking back to the car.

The next morning we were up for an early start and did sunrise on a small waterhole which is normally bone dry and we were shooting as the sun kissed the coolibah trees and bought them to life. It was a still morning so the reflections were amazing. We then headed back for breakfast before starting some Photoshop work.

Late afternoon after a day on Photoshop we headed out to Lake Eyre South which is where we shot sunset and some more night images, we also photographed Lake Eyre the next morning and got some more stunning images followed by another day of photoshop before heading out to another station to photograph an old wagon and some trees.

We all had fun and learn't alot of new things and the revision was an important part of this workshop as things tend to get forgotten fairly easily when not put into practice on a regular basis. I quickly assesed where people's strengths and weaknesses were so I could be more helpful to individuals in these areas.


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