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My Tasmania trip back in November was very challenging. Travelling with my friend Paula we had some some foul weather but still managed to have a great time exploring the island. I did not take a landscape shot for about 4 days and just opted for wildlife images (thats how bad the weather was). I will be back over there again at the beginning of winter to finalise tour locations and accomodation for 2017 which is pretty exciting. Hopefully those terrible bush fires will all be out by then.

After this trip I was back in Marree for only a few days much to the disgust of my partner Lyall and then had to head back to Murray Bridge to board the Proud Mary Boat for 5 nights cruising the River Murray taking a catalogue of images for the owners to update their website and marketing material. The day of boarding it was 42 degrees and just awful. I photographed everything from food and rooms to wildlife (mainly birds of all descriptions) tours and of course landscape images. I met some great people had fun but I was totally buggered by the end of the trip. The company was ecstatic with the images I produced for them.

Then it was back on Kangaroo Island for Christmas and New Year for a bit of R&R and of course out and about with my cameras. I took a trip out with Marine Adventures and the Dolphin Watch crew monitoring and photographing a huge pod of Dolphins for one  afternoon  just after I arrived on the island and then came down with a virus that put me in bed for several days which was a major downer. After recovering from that I was out and about with my drone whilst the weather was suitable and had some fun capturing some aerial pics with a friend of mine.

Well I am back home again now in the tiny town of Marree (partner Lyall very happy) catching up on a back log of work that is making my eyes water but as its so hot here right now (averaging 40 degrees) its a great opportunity to sit on my butt in airconditioned comfort and catch up which is exactly what I have been doing.

I have also been planning the Lake Eyre Tour which is now online and ready to book. It is in flood again for 2016 and is looking amazing in fact the whole area is looking incredible right now. Check out my latest DVD on Lake Eyre and I also have a stunning new 2017 calendar called Visions of Australia  available for sale.

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