Ultimo TAFE 50 years of Photography

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Ultimo TAFE 50 years of Photography

I was recently invited to submit a few of my images to be included in the exhibition celebrating 50 years of Photography at Ultimo TAFE. 

I spent four years studying Photography here between 2000 and 2004 and although it presented many challenges I enjoyed learning and improving my skills from year to year. Back then it was a film based course with 2 years of black and white printing and processing and then continued on with 2 years of shooting with transparency film. This provided me with a solid platform to be able to pursue a photography career. I am sure things have changed dramatically since I attended this TAFE as the digital age has now evolved and was on the cusp of it when I was attending.

I now shoot with digital cameras only but still own two film cameras a beautiful old Rolleicord with its original case and a Hasselblad Rangefinder. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow using film and am also happy to embrace digital technology. I look forward to the future and evolution of the digital era.

If you are in Sydney you may be interested in going along to the exhibition please see the link above for all the details.

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