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If your travelling to outback South Australia be very careful.

There are an incredible amount of emus out and about and because its their breeding season and the chicks have hatched you will more than likely see the males with a bunch of little ones getting about. The males are the ones that look after the babies until they are ready to take care of themselves and there could be up to a dozen in his care. I was just told that a male was spotted with 30 babies- wow talk about stressfull on the poor guy, he probably adopted some from another family as many of them are getting killed on the roads at the moment so be careful as they tend to just dart out from the side of the road without warning.

There are also many lizards about and they too tend to sit in the middle of the road sunning themselves. So keep an eye out for them also. Nobody likes killing wildlife but sometimes its unavoidable so if you do just make sure it is dead and not suffering on the side of the road and if you hit a kangaroo check the pouch as it may have a joey inside.

Above all have a safe and enjoyable trip to outback South Australia

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