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I took a drive up to the lookout on the Oodnadatta Track to see if there was any water across the surface of the lake. We had just under 30mm of rainfall across the whole region over 4 days. I was quite shocked to see the amount of water that had accumulated over this period. Water as far as I could see in this small pocket of the South Lake.

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Landscape Photographer of the year 2014

2014 was a great year for me overall but I had a great year with competitions also winning several awards. It was my first year entering this particular competition and I was not sure what to expect. To my surprise I had one image that made it into the top 101 images and was published in a book. I hope to do well this year fingers crossed. 

Tuesday, 05 May 2015 00:00

4x4 Australia Magazine June 2015

Do you buy this magazine? A while ago I did a trip into the Victorian High Country and whilst I was on the road I was contacted by one of the writer/photographers from the magazine.

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Marree Workshop March 2015 - Steph Ball


Well after numerous reminders it has taken me this long to write a testimonial for Julie Fletcher, because quite frankly, I had to get it right! I have now attended two workshops and so right there lies the answer to the question....why would I go back for a second time?
My friend Barb and I first met Julie in July 2014. Feeling extra special as we were the only participants, and having attended other photography 'outings', we agreed we had learnt much more than any other.
Driving home from Marree our heads were spinning trying to retain what we had learnt, and with excited discussion as to when we could get back for another session!
To our delight Julie contacted us in late February to see if we'd be interested in returning in March, with a night out on the lake a dangling carrot!
Well is the Pope Catholic?! No carrot needed!
Our second instalment was just as informative (& hopefully not as frustrating for Julie waiting for us to 'get it' as I'm sure a lot sunk in on the first trip....?!). Plus we made new friends, with whom we now have the special memory of witnessing an aurora at Marree! Who would have thought?!
We are all planning to keep in touch & organise our own photography outings - we might invite Julie if she can keep up with us.........
Of course I cannot finish without mentioning Lyall. When Barb & I walked back in to the roadhouse it was like we'd come home, with a big warm welcome from both Lyall & Julie. It now seems we have known them forever and I'm sure won't be the last time we visit Marree.
If you're thinking about doing a photography workshop, do this one.
Mad if you don't.

Steph Ball



In August 2014 I participated in a Photography Tour to the Flinders Ranges with Len Metcalf and Julie Fletcher.  I am a pretty inexperienced photographer and so this was to be a sharp but comfortable learning curve for me.

It was a wonderful experience with both photographers but I wanted to particularly mention Julie.

Julie is a very matter of fact, down to earth sort of person and so touring with her was an easy and enjoyable experience.  She is a very competent driver and has a lot of bush knowledge.  The Flinders Ranges is the most amazing place and I felt really privileged to be there.  I was really impressed with Julie’s understanding and knowledge of the area.  This knowledge enabled us to get a good coverage of the Flinders Ranges – the beautiful peaceful river beds; magnificent trees; dainty wildflowers; the awe inspiring mountain ranges; the vast expanses of the outback; the ruins and the heritage homes; and of course the wonderful wildlife.  The tour covered it all.

We had a rough plan of where we were going each day but Julie was also flexible and would accommodate any specific requests.

As we travelled through the Flinders Ranges, she took us to many different sites and then patiently waited while we got the photos we were after.  Whenever we needed assistance Julie was generous in sharing her knowledge and instructed us on how to get the best shot.  It was also interesting to watch Julie set up for her own shots and that in itself was a lesson.

We had a lot of fun with the sunrise and sunset shots.  Her knowledge of photography, especially landscape, was invaluable and I was able to go home with some wonderful shots and some fantastic memories.

I would happily recommend any tour that Julie has organized. 

Kerri Turner

With another Marree workshop behind me, this one with 4 ladies Rosalie, Karen, Steph and Barb that have already previously been here before. It was a special workshop second time round with a night out on Lake Eyre, some revision work and alot of new techniques included. I have a couple of new locations for people to shoot also which was of course on the list for these ladies.

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Marree Workshop March 2015 - Rosalie Dibben

Hi Julie,

 Thanks for another brilliant workshop! Once again it was full on, but building on from last time meant it wasn't quite so head-spinning as the first one when everything was new. The challenges you set were great for making me think about my shots a bit more and gave me a bit of a jolt out of doing things the same way all the time. The new processing tips have already been put to use - I think I'll be revisiting a few old shots I haven't been happy with to try again now that I have some new approaches to the problem areas.  The locations were all amazing. Lake Eyre was spectacular and I don't think I'll ever forget standing out on it at 5.30am seeing all those stars in such a clear sky. And the aurora! My first aurora shots taken from Marree - wow! All topped off with the best company and a whole lot of laughter, I feel like I've known the others forever. Thanks also to Lyall for his hospitality and fabulous food, staying at the Roadhouse is more like staying with friends than staying at a business and it was good to catch up with him again. I'm already looking forward to returning for another go!


Rosalie Dibben

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

Marree Workshop March 2015 - Barb Woolford

If you want to be inspired, educated and invigorated by a professional photographer Julie Fletcher is the women you need to know.  The betterment of our photography is her first priority and her excellent people skills enables her to recognise our strengths and weaknesses.

We have just returned from our second value for money workshop in Marree fired up and totally enthused.  I made great new likeminded friends and of course enjoyed the epitome of outback hospitality with Lyall’s huge personality, generous nature and amazing catering skills. Love the new face book group and really really love that you have written the process for processing the image above it for us to review as it will help no end and save my sanity when I get to have a play.

I can't stop thinking about the gear you have selflessly shared with us. I just need to have a crack now.

Thanks again

Barb Woolford (thats me in the picture in my usual position)

Sunday, 22 March 2015 00:00


2015 PANO AWARDS now open for entries.

This year I am on the other side of the fence and part of the judging panel on the The EPSOM international pano awards. I am looking forward to seeing some amazing images from talented people all over the world. There is a brand new website coming soon also so stay tuned and good luck to everyone taking part.

Saturday, 21 February 2015 00:00

Break down at Uluru 2015

As a professional Landscape Photographer I am generally ready to go at short notice unless other committments are on the agenda of course. I have a bag of clothes at the ready just in case I have to jump in the car and hit the road for a weather event. My Toyota Prado 'Old Girl'  is my trusted friend, well thats how I see it anyway as I spend so much time travelling and sometimes sleeping in her. She is packed with camping gear and my other essentials permanantly. However on a recent trip to Uluru in the Red Centre following a monsoonal trough and a major weather event 'she' let me down.

I think there is a misconception that what I do is glamorous and I pull off the shots I do out of pure luck. I hear this often and it is incorrect. The truth of the matter is that this is hard work, its my business and my livelihood it's definately not luck that gets me the shots. Its a combination of many factors including my passion, determination and of course my skills that produce some of the award winning images I have to date. It's also frustration, uncertainty and sometimes breakdowns. The monetary rewards are often not all that great. I take the good with the bad and I use the negative stuff to drive me and make me more determined to achieve my goals. I do it because I am driven and I love it and I want to be the best I can be at it.


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Lake Eyre Photo Tour April 2016
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Lake Eyre Photo Tour April 2016
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