Flinders Ranges South Australia Photo Tour June 2015

Please feel free to use the following for a testimonial and no way am I blowing smoke!!



After seeing everyone's huge lenses and cameras I was feeling that my equipment may have been a little inadequate, but one of the best things that came out of the workshop was my images have stacked up well with some amazing images and I now have a greater confidence in myself and my gear. Your guidence in continually checking focus and histogram was invaluable for me. Compositional guidence on those beautiful gum trees we were shooting together set me up for the week so a big thank you for that. So many inspirational things you gave us over the workshop and taking us to awesome locations has left me with the most stunning images I have ever shot. A big thank you Julie.

I'm still pinching myself that I was in this wonderful place and thanks again for a wonderful workshop and great company. 


Bruce Langdon

Warragul Victoria


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